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What is Fibromyalgia?

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Fibromyalgia is one of the most common widespread pain conditions in the United States. Fibromyalgia doctors estimate it to affect more than 5 million Americans.  It is 2 to 9 times more likely to occur in women.  Fibromyalgia is a term used to describe chronic widespread pain and tenderness to touch. Most people just say "I ache all over." It is clear that there is a range of fibromyalgia symptoms in addition to fibromyalgia tender points, such as fatigue and sleep disturbance. Fibromyalgia frequently occurs with other chronic medical conditions. In fact, it is thought that the prevalence of fibromyalgia among patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus is 20%. The features of fibromyalgia often overlap with other conditions, such as TMJ, IBS, chronic headaches, noncardiac chest pain, PMS, and depression. Thus at Newport Pain Management, we understand that with fibromyalgia therapy, it is important to see the patient as a whole, not just from a narrow viewpoint.

How is Fibromyalgia Diagnosed?

While there are no blood tests or X rays that can diagnose fibromyalgia, a very specific exam can be done by a trained fibromyalgia doctor to hone in on the diagnosis. First, the pain must be present for at least 3 months, and be in both the upper and lower halves and left and right sides of the body. Your fibromyalgia doctor will push with his thumb on 18 standard positions of your body with a precise pressure of almost 9 pounds. Pressing with the thumb just the right amount takes practice. You must be tender in 11 of those 18 locations. 

Fibromyalgia specialists are learning that fibromyalgia is a spectrum of symptoms, with a range of severity. Thus if you just have local tenderness, you may be diagnosed with myofascial pain instead of fibromyalgia. The key is  to see an expert, because making the diagnosis is the first step to being whole again. At Newport Pain Management, we can guide you through this difficult process, and take the time to explain to you and your family members what to expect with fibromyalgia therapy. Our office is on the first floor in the Newport Center Medical Buildings, in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA. Parking is free.

Cause of Fibromyalgia in your body

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Fibromyalgia was once thought of as a problem with the muscles. Pain doctor research now shows that fibromyalgia may be the result of the central nervous system becoming over reactive to a normal sensation, resulting in amplified pain sensations. It is like your nerves are microphones with the volume turned way up. Even a normal whisper into an amplified system comes out loud. There are some risk factors for developing this amplification problem, such as genetics, and environmental factors such as physical trauma, stress, and infections such as Lyme disease, Hepatitis C, parvovirus, and Epstein-Barr virus.

Fibromyalgia treatment

Fortunately, there are many ways to attack fibromyalgia pain and its related symptoms. Initially, getting you on the right combination of medications is important. Medications can act on the central nervous system to help reduce the amplification of pain. Medications can also help with the additional symptoms of sleeplessness, feeling blue, and fatigue.   Fibromyalgia specialists have several FDA approved drugs for treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms including Lyrica, Cymbalta and Savella. Gentle exercise is important to fight deconditioning due to pain, but only after you see some improvement with medications. It is important in fibromyalgia therapy to strive for a  balance in life to reduce stress is, and cognitive therapy can help. Thus, you don't have to suffer without help for the body aches and ache all over pain of fibromyalgia. Finding a fibromyalgia doctor, like Dr. H Rand Scott at Newport Pain Management can help.


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