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Numbing before the cut can reduce chronic pain

If you are planning surgery, having your surgeon or anesthesiologist perform a nerve block or epidural may help cut your pain after surgery for many months after.
Michael H. Andreae, MD, and Doerthe A. Andreae, MD, reviewed 23 published trials comparing injections of local anesthesia or regional anesthesia injections (epidural, spinal or local blocks) vs conventional treatment of pain such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or morphine. Many studies showed that the patients who had a local or regional anesthesia had less chance of developing chronic pain after different surgical interventions. This technique of blocking nerves before they sense pain is in common practice in orthopedic and plastic surgery practices already. In practical terms, this study shows that it would be a good idea to ask your surgeon and anesthesiologist to consider using numbing medicine injections before an incision is made to help you reduce pain after your next surgery.

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At Newport Pain Management, we understand your pain.
 It aches, and is like a knife every time you move, keeping you awake, feeling grey and forcing you to plod though life without the joy you once had. 

H. Rand Scott, MD is a pain specialist dedicated to helping you bring back the color to your life. For some, that means selecting the right pain medications to limit side effects and maximize pain relief.  Others need specific exercises for lower back pain, advanced pain injections, epidural steroids or "nerve blocks" to improve pain or mobility.  One thing is certain, Dr. Scott works with you to devise a long term pain treatment strategy to help you be at your best, and will be there to help you stay on track. He has been helping patients in chronic pain at this same location since 1995.

We would like to help. Dr. Scott can manage most causes of pain, such as chronic back pain, neck pain, joint pain, shingles, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, neuralgia, headaches, and people who are not candidates for surgery or don't want any more surgery.  Have lower back pain? Dr. Scott can prescribe exercises for low back pain that can put you on the road to back pain relief. Dr. Scott is glad to see you for a second opinion about your chronic pain.

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Dr. Scott accepts many insurances, and will work with you if he is not on your plan. Dr. Scott does take Medicare, and California Workmans Comp. 

Newport Pain Management is conveniently located on the first floor in the Newport Center Medical Buildings, with free parking spaces just steps from our door. We know walking can hurt.

Dr. Scott is on time for pain appointments.  Even though we have couches and reclining chairs, waiting can be frustrating when you are in severe pain. We promise to be on time, so please, you be on time to your appointment with us at Newport Pain Management. We have urgent slots available if you need to be seen for a pain flare.

Bring in your previous pain records, all medications, current treating physician information, up to date insurance card, picture ID and active pharmacy phone number to your first visit. Arrive early to fill out the paperwork.

Dr. Scott is a pain specialist, thus he has experience as a lower back pain doctor and fibromyalgia doctor.  Commonly, he treats chronic upper back pain, low back pain, neck pain, nerve pain such as diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, headaches and joint pain.  He may prescribe home exercise for your pain, and if you have chronic lower back pain, get you moving with specific low back pain exercises.  While treating with Dr. Scott, you will need to stay with your primary doctor. 

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H. Rand Scott, MD  is a board certified Anesthesiologist. He is proud to have gone to Penn State for college, medical school and anesthesiology training. Dr. Scott has twice been named a "Physician of Excellence" by his peers at the Orange County Medical Association, and he lectures on Advancements in Pain Management for other pain doctors and physicians at hospitals and clinics.


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